Our Idea of Vanlife

If you follow any #vanlife social media hashtags you’ll likely draw the conclusion that it’s all about hot chicks in cool places living everyone’s dream life from the comfort of their van. These influencers exist to allow you to live vicariously through their amazingly awesome shenanigans that glorify whatever it is that gets you to subscribe to their Patreon and financially support their lifestyle. Their curated online personas are a packaged attempt at performance art. Their rigs are emblazoned with their social media handles, hashtags and sponsor’s logos. You won’t see any of that stuff here.

Vanlife for us is more akin to the overland travel movement. The idea of being far away from people with our dogs in a beautiful, serene location is very appealing. We’re self-employed and work online. At the moment that means were somewhat tethered to society so we can be in range of a cellular signal. Someday in the not to distant future we’ll be able to work from anywhere when satellite internet like Starlink is available. Our Rusty Old Van is a step in that direction. Physical isolation while still being connected to the world.

We have a long way to go on building ROV. But when we’re done we will share our experiences, observations and travel logs here in the vanlife section of the site.